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Summer Universities


Muchas universidades organizan cursos de verano durante el periodo estival dirigidos a estudiantes internacionales. Estos cursos pueden ser una oportunidad interesante para realizar una experiencia internacional. Es una gran oportunidad para mejorar las habilidades del idioma inglés a la vez que mejoras tus conocimientos y habilidades profesionales y conoces diferentes culturas.

En este espacio podrás encontrar información sobre cursos de verano que se llevan a cabo en universidades de otros países y que podrían resultar interesantes para ti. La oferta es muy extensa, y de ti depende elegir a cuál te gustaría ir.

Kauno Kolegija 

The international Summer School in KAUNO KOLEGIJA will be held again on the 1st–6th of July, 2019! 

It is a great opportunity to learn how to create, develop and present your ideas. Also, you will get a chance to explore the city of Kaunas while on tour in the city centre and the Old Town, visit a resort and a spa in Birštonas. 

Please, find the promotional video from the last year's event, poster and a programme of a Summer School 2019 attached.


Vilniaus kolegija | University of Applied Sciences

Vilniaus kolegija | University of Applied Sciences is inviting international students to Summer School which will take place in August, 2019.

  • The Summer School is open for the college, short-cycle, undergraduate students, who finished at least one year of their studies, or postgraduate students.
  • We welcome everyone interested into improving their professional knowledge and skills. Moreover, it will be great opportunity to improve English language skills, as well as to explore Lithuania and its culture.
  • The programme also allows student to take home 3 ECTS under the European Credit Transfer Scheme.
  • The Summer School will be hosted at our campuses, which are located in the green area on the edge of Vilnius.
  • The programme includes visits to the companies.



The Python4NLP summer school targets both computer science and humanities (in particular linguistics) students and scientists, and any other interested persons.

It aims to give the attendees the ability to collect, process and analyse textual data. The school will be Python based and will focus on providing students with a working knowledge of the Python libraries available for collecting, processing, visualizing and analysing textual data.

Classes and tutored hands-on sessions will be complement with invited talks from Albert Gatt and Malvina Nissim and social events.



The University of Applied Science in Worms announce their first Summer School in 2020. It will take place from Sunday 28th June 2020 (arrival) to Saturday 11th July 2020 (departure).

Every morning you will learn German in two different levels (beginner’s and advanced level provided). Since the number of seats of the School is limited to 20, you will have an excellent small class experience. After lunch on some afternoons you will endulge in entrepreneurial skills. You learn how to set up your own business and how to do that in a sustainable and socially rewarding way.

On other afternoons you will enjoy exploring the beautiful Rhine region including Heidelberg – Worms is located in the heart of Europe and Germany, less than one hour from Frankfurt. We also planned for an adventure trip including climbing in a forest nearby. On top of that you will visit some of our most distinguished industrial partners in the region, and they will show you around their company sites and plants. More information:


IMPORTANTE: Florida se limita a dar difusión a los cursos a través de este espacio, no teniendo más información que la publicada aquí. Si deseas más información sobre alguno de los cursos aquí publicados o quieres inscribirte y participar en él, debes ponerte en contacto directamente con la universidad organizadora del curso."

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