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Florida Universitària is ascribed to the University of Valencia (since 1993) and to Valencia's Polytechnic University (since 1996), and its degrees are accredited by both institutions. Florida Universitària was created in 1993 as part of the project Florida Centre de Formació, and was recognized as an affiliated centre by the Valencian Government in Decree 79/1993.


The mission, principles and values of Florida Universitària as well as many of its operational aspects are specific to the organisation to which it belongs, Florida Centre de Formació. Therefore, we think it is relevant to delve into the features that define Florida and consequently Florida Universitària.


Set up in 1977, Florida Centre de Formació is a Valencian workers’ cooperative with long ex-perience in education and training at different educational levels: higher education –undergraduate and vocational studies–, graduate programmes, employment education and training (continuing and occupational), and secondary education. The organisation recently diversified its business with the launch of NINOS Gestión Educativa, Coop. V. a network of municipal kindergartens in the Valencian Community consistingof 15 schools. 


Florida is a cooperative and educational experience involved with its context. As a coopera-tive, Florida is an autonomous association of people who voluntarily came together to meet com-mon economic, social and cultural needs through a jointly-owned, democratically-controlled enter-prise. Almost all employees are also corporate partners. At present, Florida employs more than 300 professionals in its Catarroja campus (Catarroja is a town in the outskirts of Valencia), in six buildings and with an area of 26,869 m2. More than 3,700 students study in the campus every year.


Right from the beginning, Florida developed a quality, participatory and innovative educational project. The organisation defines itself as a dynamic and innovative institution, one that is aware of the needs of businesses and society, a society in which the education of young people and professionals is based on the acquisition of skills and knowledge that enable them to successfully participate in new business, professional and social scenarios in today’s society.

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Florida Universitària
C/ Rei en Jaume I, nº 2. 46470 CATARROJA (Valencia)