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Erasmus Incoming


Welcome to Florida Universitària in Valencia (Spain).

If you are interested in studying at Florida Universitària through an Erasmus grant you need to confirm that there is an Erasmus bilateral agreement signed between your university and Florida.


  • Your university must submit your nomination, confirming that you have been selected as an Erasmus student.
  • To have the level of Spanish required in the Bilateral Agreement


After receiving your nomination, Florida Erasmus Team will send you an email with the application form. You must complete and return it by email with the following documentation:

  • ​Passport or ID (Identity Card)
  • European Health Card or private medical insurance that covers your stay in Spain
  • Subjects you want to study

Application Deadlines

  • First semester or full academic year (beginning in September): until 31 May
  • Second semester (beginning in February): until October 31

Documents: ​​​​​

Welcome Guide – Guía para estudiantes extranjeros en Florida
Erasmus Info sheet – Información básica para estudiantes Erasmus incoming​​

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Florida Universitària
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